*Supporting this site*

The European Traction website is a free resource for you to use, and I’m keen to keep it that way for as long as possible.

However, I make no secret of the fact that it is not free for me to provide for you.  Quite aside from the many hours each week of research and conversation (often in foreign languages with people who don’t understand our hobby, in order to find out information that isn’t already in the public domain), all of which I am happy to do in the interests of furthering our hobby, I have to pay from my own pocket several hundred pounds each year in order to keep the website online.

Many people have commented that they’re finding this site useful – which is great to hear – and doubtless many more have used the information contained within it to travel abroad and ride behind locos they otherwise wouldn’t have had.  Some have said that they “owe me a pint” for this but, without sounding ungrateful, rather than spending your money on a drink for me, I’d actually prefer if you donated it to the site – and then it could go back into something that everybody might benefit from, instead of just me!

So, if you like what I’m trying to do with this site, or if indeed you’d like to buy me that “virtual pint”(!), then please could I invite you to make a small donation?  (If you do so, please could you also drop me a line just to let me know?  Thanks!)

If the amount raised via donations continues to fall short of what is required to continue this website’s viability, then I will need to revisit the idea of providing it on a subscription basis, but as I pledged above, I will avoid that for as long as I can.

Many thanks for your support,

Jonathan Wilcox