Affiliate Marketing

Off the back of some polling of the users of this site, I am looking to develop a series of guides on here that might make planning and making trips to overseas countries a little easier, by including details of accommodation, hostelries, attractions, airport transfers etc.

Where possible, I am joining affiliate marketing schemes for some of the above.  In short, these give links through to external websites that I can place on this website.  If you use the link and buy the product, a small percentage of the sale comes to me to contribute to the upkeep of this site.  We are generally talking pennies at a time, but I am hopeful that it can go some way to cover the costs I incur in providing this resource.

Please note that I cannot be held in any responsible for the content of any linked sites, including those with affiliate links.

If you have a product or service that would be relevant to people travelling to continental Europe and Ireland to pursue a railway interest, and would like to place an advert or enter into an affiliate marketing scheme with me, please contact me to discuss.