DB Class 299 “Harzkamels”

Work in progress…

199 861.jpg

199 861 at Wernigerode, 14/08/09 (JW)


The above is a link to a video uploaded to YouTube by user Volldampf Harz showing 199 861 on railtour duty in April 2012.

Forthcoming Workings

The remaining HSB “Harzkamels” have no booked passenger work – the railway having positioned itself very effectively as a tourist attraction in its own right, and the tourists come for steam – the few diesel-powered trains are generally the more lightly-loaded ones and are formed of lightweight diesel railcars.  The diesel locos’ service train work is generally limited to short-notice drop-outs vice unavailable steam.

“Harzkamels” are, however, fairly frequently requested for excursions and two are currently advertised, for Thursday 10th May 2018 and Saturday 29th September 2018.