News & Developments

20th October 2017Marschbahn woes to continue

Railtours, Galas & Events

December 2017 and May 2018: Two multi-loco “NoHAB” celebrations in Hungary

9th December 2017: E18 haulage in Germany (now 243 005)

24th February 2018: A railtour with a loco from the GDR Governmental Train

12th May 2018 – Two ex-DR V100s around Magdeburg

Saturday 25th August 2018 – V75 018 and T435 0145 to Chodová Planá

Museumseisenbahn Küstenbahn Ostfriesland – Belgian and German diesel power


Main Line Loco Haulage

Booked Austrian class 2091 haulage in East Germany to end

Return of 232 passenger haulage in East Germany – Erfurter Bahnservice

Halle (Saale) route S7 – East German nostalgia

Locomore – A German Open-Access Operator

Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn loco haulage – Leipzig to Chemnitz

Nürnberg route S2

RB48 – Heritage traction in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Temporary DMU replacement by 218s on the Westfrankenbahn

Traction Profiles

DB Class 103

DB Class 110: survivors and where to find them

DB Class 112 and 114: current status

DB Class 120

DB Class 143

DB Class 218 “Rabbits”

DB Class 219 and 229

DB Class 220 and 221 “Warships”

Siemens Eurorunner family – Class 223

DB Class 228

DB Class 232 “Ludmillas”

DB Class 299 “Harzkamels”

DR Class 107

General & Historical Interest

The 230km/h Trabant!

15th May 2016: Maybach MD870 power on the main line

“The Great Escape” – fact, fiction and Rabbits

München to Kufstein “Meridian vice turn” – May 2016 to December 2017