JŽ Class 645

Work in progress…

In the early 1980s, Đuro Đaković in Slavonski Brod, Yugoslavia built 35 General Motors type GT22HW 2,330hp A1A-A1A diesel-electrics under licence, to supply to JŽ as class 645.  645 001 to 645 030 were built in 1981/82, with the final five following in 1984.


2044 008 at Split, 31/07/14 (JW)


2044 017 worksplate detail.  Note that the word “Jugoslavija” has been crudely removed from the plate.  (JW)

Since 1991

Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, 31 of the machines passed to Hrvatske Željeznice, the Croatian railways, and became class 2044 (but were not renumbered in line with their JŽ identities) – these were all 30 of the original batch plus 645 033.  The other four locos retained their original numbers and passed to Železnice Srbije in Serbia.