Concurrently with the delivery of Ae3/6 I, a similar loco emerged from SLM at Winterthur.  Numbered 10401, it entered traffic on 19th January 1923 and was based largely on 1919-built Be3/5 12201.  Detailed evaluation was successful, and eventually 59 further Ae3/6 IIs were procured, with very few variations from the initial design of 10401.  All were in traffic by the Summer of 1926.

Withdrawal of the class took about a decade to complete, starting in 1965 and being completed with the switching off of 10453 at the end of January 1977, although many locos survived until the mid-1990s as stationary train preheating units.


Just one loco survives.  10452 is in the care of Team 10439 Historische Loks at Olten, masquerading as “10439″ which was the loco initially earmarked for preservation.  It sees fairly regular light mainline charter work.