SNCB/NMBS Class 21 & 27

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2702 at Brussel-Noord, 24/02/17 (JW)



27th April 1991 saw a world record set which has yet to be broken – the longest passenger train to be hauled by a single loco – the machine in question was Belgian class 27 electric no.2711, and its load was a whopping 70 carriages, from Gent to Oostende.  The above is a link to a YouTube video of the feat from user Hugo Willems.

In October 2017, eight class 21s – 2103, 2104, 2109, 2119, 2120, 2125, 2128 and 2129 – were moved in convoy to Poland, arriving in Bydgoszcz on the 17th of that month.  There is currently some conjecture as to what is in store for them; definitely one to watch.