This website has been put together with the assistance of many (not least the operators of the trains concerned in terms of the haulage calendar), but a special acknowledgement of my thanks to the following who have gone out of their way to assist:-

“37001”, Jordan Allen, Jonas Briest, Daniel Brereton, Denis Cook, Matthew Dodd, Pete Eizens, Darren Fawcett, Colin Garner, Richard Goodyear, Neil Hendry, Peter Heppenstall, Ian Hillier, Charles Hinton, John Holmes, Des Langham, Julian Mandeville, Andy Mellors, Simon Moore, Tim Moss, Matt Parker, Mark Pichowicz, Jon Piesing, Andy Read, Matt Reeves, Ian Ross, David Settle, Karl Sherman, Stuart Smith, Dave Snow, David Storey, Dave Szwejkowski, Stewart Wells, Pete Wilcox, Philip Wormald and posters to European Rail Gen and DB Loco Info.