DB Class 103 – survivors and where to find them

Only 17 of the 149 class 103s remain extant.

Of these, just two remain active on the main line: 103 222, a former test train loco now used predominantly for stock moves by Railadventure, and 103 245, based at München and occasionally used to haul main line service trains – at the time of writing it has no specific booked diagrams, but it is currently in the process of being reactivated with a view to regaining booked work on a diagram to Wörgl.  103 113, which was retired from front line service on 30th March 2017, is now a museum loco based at the DB Museum at Koblenz and will perform on occasional main line railtours – the first occurred on 17th and 18th June 2017.

The other 15 can be found static across Germany, predominantly in museums.  Those on display are at locations easily accessed by train, with the sole exception of one of the prototypes, 103 002, which is on display at the “Spatzenpark”, a family attraction at Herrnried, approximately 25 miles north-west of Regensburg.  It occasionally comes up for sale on eBay, although nobody has stumped up the €200,000 asking price yet!

103 001 DB Museum, under repair at Hamburg (recently tripped from Langenfelde to Eidelstedt to join ‘235, August 2017)
103 002 Spatzenpark, Herrnried
103 004 Bahnbetriebswerk Lichtenfels
103 101 DB Museum, at Eisenbahnmuseum Darmstadt-Kranichstein
103 113 DB Museum, Koblenz-Lützel
103 132 DB Museum, stored at Dessau Works
103 136 Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum, Nördlingen
103 167 DB Museum, at Lokwelt Freilassing
103 184 DB Museum, at Bahnbetriebswerk Lichtenfels
103 197 Privately owned, stored at Altenbeken
103 220 DB Museum, Koblenz-Lützel
103 222 In service with Railadventure
103 224 DB Museum, Nürnberg
103 226 Südwestfälisches Eisenbahnmuseum, Siegen
103 233 DB Museum, Koblenz-Lützel
103 235 DB Museum, at Hamburg-Eidelstedt
103 245 In service with DB Fernverkehr, München

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