19th May 2018 – V200 007 “farewell” tour

Saturday 19th May 2018 sees the Historische Eisenbahnfahrzeuge Lübeck‘s V200 007 work its final planned railtour prior to its eight-yearly overhaul.

This won’t be the end for the loco, but there is currently no date for its return – so if you’re keen to ride behind it, I’d strongly recommend you try to do this one.


V200 007 is seen on service train use at the seaside terminus of Dagebüll Mole, 04/08/12 (JW)

The loco is not a Maybach-powered machine and in recent years has been fitted with Caterpillar power units.  However, despite this, it still sounds pleasant and is well worth making the effort to ride behind.

The tour

Details for the tour and how to book on it can be found here.

Timings are very much provisional but the tour is expected to depart from Lübeck Hbf at 07:30, picking up at Bad Oldesloe, Ahrensburg, Hamburg-Rahlstedt and Hamburg-Harburg, then running via Uelzen, Gifhorn and Braunschweig to Goslar, arriving at approximately 12:00, with the return expected to set off around 17:30 and arriving in Lübeck at 22:10.  The second class fare for the day is €115 with first class being €135.

What you can combine it with

The other standout event in Germany that weekend involves a classic twin-engined diesel-hydraulic from the other side of the Berlin Wall – ex-Deutsche Reichsbahn class 228 no.228 721 which is making an exceptionally rare working on the steeply-graded Rübelandbahn not a million miles away from Goslar on both the Saturday and the Sunday of the weekend (details in an article here).

In fact – as long as the actual times match the planned ones – it should even be possible to cover the 228 during the layover at Goslar.  The 12:05 DMU from Goslar reaches Wernigerode at 12:39, connecting nicely into the 13:00 no.250 bus on to Blankenburg.  This gets you to Blankenburg approximately 20 minutes prior to the departure of the 228.  From Rübeland it is just 20 minutes by taxi back to Wernigerode (or, depending on the arrival time of the 228, you may even make the 15:21 no.260 bus) and then the 16:18 DMU from there reaches Goslar 36 minutes before the currently projected departure time of the V200.

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