Off the beaten track: 2060 009 at Stammersdorf

Austria is another country to see withdrawn locomotives plinthed at unlikely locations well away from the nearest operational railway line.

1955-built ÖBB class 2060 diesel shunter 2060 009 is, however, on former railway property – the site of Stammersdorf station, on the northern outskirts of Wien (Vienna), which closed in 1988 (see photo here).  Almost all trace of the railway has been obliterated from Stammersdorf, with the exception of the station building (now dilapidated and with little by way of betraying its former purpose) and two track panels on the site of the former platform area, upon one of which the 2060 now sits (upon the other are a pair of steam loco wheels).

How to get there

The 2060 is easily viewed and is permanently on accessible public display.  It is precisely adjacent to the platforms of the terminus of the no.30/31 tram line operated by Wiener Linien.  These both serve Wien-Floridsdorf railway station – a 13-minute ride away.  A little trip to see the 2060, therefore, might provide you with a useful diversion in amongst sampling the loco haulage to be found in the city, for example on the Wiener Stammstrecke.

To see the Google Maps map and street view of 2060 009‘s location, click here.

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