6th & 7th October 2018: Belgian diesel power

Those who were disappointed to miss the “Festival” at the Chemin de Fer du Bocq in Belgium have an opportunity to travel behind two of its stars later this year.

The occasion is the operation of the “Bocq Gourmand” – a daytime dining train on the preserved line which carries out a round trip from Spontin taking approximately three hours – so it’s very “partner-friendly” and allows you to pursue your railway interest whilst also having a “coupley” holiday!

Traction and Rolling Stock

The train will be formed of the railway’s two former DDR “Speisewagen” and a brake van with a PFT-TSP diesel loco at either end – normally 5183 and 5205.  If either are not available, another Bocq resident loco (7305 or 7402) will substitute.


5183 at Dorinne/Durnal (JW)

How to book

Bookings are not yet open for the “Bocq Gourmand” but if you check out the website, details will appear slightly nearer the time and there is an email address to register your interest.


5205 between Purnode and Bauche (JW)

This lovely little branch line runs through some of Belgium’s best scenery, hugging the Bocq river, and the trees of the Ardennes forest will surely look very pretty with the Autumn colours just coming through.

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