ČD Class 380

Class 380 is a fleet of 20 tri-voltage electrics, built by Škoda and styled by Porsche.  The type – Škoda 109E – bear the official class nickname of “Emil Zátopek”, that being the name of a famed Czech long-distance runner of the post-war years.

380 012 departs Praha Liben with EC223 “Detvan”, the 11:11 Praha to Zvolen, 26/05/14 (JW)

Similar Locos

A fleet of two 109Es operate in Slovakia as class 381.  Additionally, six 15kV ac machines – class 102 – were built for DB Regio Oberbayern in 2016 for their Nürnberg to München high-speed regional service, but as of early 2018, they are yet to enter service.