CFL Class 800

The six-strong class 800 diesel-electrics were unique amongst Luxembourgish modern traction in being a design unique for the Grand Duchy.


806 at St Ghislain, Belgium, 12/08/18 (JW)

These 875hp Bo-Bos were based on American switchers and indeed had 8-cylinder 567-series General Motors power units.  They were built under licence by AFB at La Croyère in 1953/54 and gave over half a century’s service to CFL, on the heavy freight work generated by this once very industrial nation.

Above is a link to a video uploaded to YouTube by user DLoc567 where 802 is seen on a charter train at Dommeldange in 2007.

Surviving Locos

Three locos survive – 802 and 806 in the collection of the PFT/TSP in Belgium, whereas 804 is an official industrial monument in the care of Train 1900 at Pétange.

Forthcoming Workings

The only currently specifically advertised passenger-carrying working of an 800 is on Sunday 12th August 2018 when 806 is planned to work at my own event at St Ghislain – more details here.  It would be great to have you along!