Sunday 12th August 2018 – Diesel haulage event at St Ghislain

I am pleased to advertise a modest diesel haulage event at the PFT/TSP’s facility at St Ghislain on the morning of Sunday 12th August 2018.  This has been arranged to coincide with the much-anticipated “Festival” at the Chemin de Fer du Bocq occurring over the same weekend.

It will consist of operational locomotives in the collection giving rides in an M1 coach within the confines of the site.

Locos expected to partake – although obviously with all the usual caveats – are: 7005, 8428, CFL 806, 7358.

Additionally, all efforts will be made to provide 7349 and 8320 too, but we will not know for certain about these until on the day.

I will provide details of fares (all proceeds to the PFT/TSP) shortly along with precise arrangements i.e. times – however I wanted to get this information out ASAP so that you can add it to your diaries!  However, it will certainly be possible to reach it by train from Brussel and it will end in time for Eurostars/flights home etc – my hope is also that those with cars could get to Arques for the run with Ty2-6690 on the Chemin de Fer de l’Aa at 15:00.

Please could you email me at if you intend to join us, so that I know how many people we can expect.

My sincere thanks to Simon de Ridder and Simon Moore for their help in obtaining the opportunity to do this.

Jonathan Wilcox

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