HSH Class T669

The operational Albanian locomotive fleet currently consists entirely of class T669 diesel-electrics.  62 of these Co-Co machines were built by ČKD in Czechoslovakia in the late 1970s to a design already widely exported – indeed, this type of loco can be found in huge numbers across the former Soviet Union, where it is classified “ČME3”, which is the basis of its widely-adopted nickname “Čmelák” (“bumble bee”).  Variants were also built for nations further afield – including Iraq, Syria and India.

Above is a link to a video uploaded to YouTube by user RRo showing T669.1047 making its way through Elbasan.


Of interest, the locos were moved from Czechoslovakia to Rijeka (then in Yugoslavia; in modern-day Croatia) from where they were conveyed by ship to Albania.  Below is a link to a Facebook post showing a very rare photograph of them in transit at Ljubljana.

Booked Passenger Workings

Current Albanian passenger workings (July 2018)