Albanian Passenger Haulage

The small Balkan country of Albania has no passenger rail connection to any other country and is one of the least visited by railway enthusiasts.  It would be fair to say that its rail system is struggling, but it is still worth a visit.


Albania has a skeleton of a rail network and a sparse service.  Travel is generally quicker by road.  As if that was not enough, its capital – Tiranë – lost its rail service in 2013, the trains now running only as far as Kashar.  The station in Tiranë is allegedly being rebuilt on another site and the service will return there, but this does not look likely to be any time soon.

The timetable as currently understood (July 2018) is as follows:-

Shkodër 05:45
Kashar 07:15 08:30 15:30
Durrës 06:30 07:59 08:15 09:13 09:35 14:45 16:13
Rrogozhinë 07:40 ??:?? ??:??
Elbasan 10:58 17:30
Elbasan 06:10 13:53
Rrogozhinë ??:?? ??:?? 16:00
Durrës 07:00 08:57 13:00 14:30 16:36 17:00 17:10
Kashar 07:42 15:13 17:43
Shkodër 16:50

Below is a map of the current passenger routes currently thought to see a service.  Not to scale.albania


All trains are hauled by Czechoslovakian-built class T669 diesel-electrics, formed nowadays generally of ex-East German carriages in deplorable condition.


There are no rover tickets valid for travel in Albania.

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