9th December 2017: E18 haulage in Germany


E18 047 (118 047) at Hamburg Hbf, 09/05/09 (JW)

Saturday 9th December 2017 sees a 78 year old electric loco make one of its occasional mainline passenger outings.

The E18 class was built for the pre-war Deutsche Reichsbahn and with the interesting wheel arrangement of 1-Do-1 – spoked wheels at that! – they have next to nothing in common with the electric locos of today, visually at least.

There are 6 survivors from this class of 55 machines.  All but one are static exhibits in museums – the exception being E18 047 (DB 118 047), which is owned by the DB Museum and kept in mainline condition under the care of the “Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P e. V.” in Halle (Saale).  Notably, this loco entered traffic on 12th August 1939 – less than a month before the outbreak of World War 2.

E18 047 currently has just one railtour advertised this year – for Saturday 9th December 2017.  This is being promoted by the Traditionsgemeinschaft Halle (link) and will allow it to stretch its legs properly, running from Leipzig Hbf (depart 07:00) via the direct route over the hills via Probstzella to Bamberg (for a 7hr 30min break) and Nürnberg Hbf (5hr 45min), before returning as outward.  Fares start at €79.

This tour is one of many organised to visit the huge number of Christmas markets in Germany, so are especially family-friendly!  Bamberg is especially worth a visit – the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is particularly renowned for its beer!

What can I combine it with?

The next day (Sunday 10th December) sees a class 232 “Ludmilla” diesel loco work an 08:14 Erfurt Hbf to Goslar and 18:08 return charter for the bargain fare of €33, operated by Bahn-Nostalgie Thueringen (link).

The above is a link to a video on YouTube by Bahnatiker showing it on railtour duty five years ago.

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