Various dates in 2017: DB V200 class “Warship” railtours


V200 007 (220 007) at Dagebüll Mole, 05/08/12 (JW)

My recent article regarding the current locations of the remaining ex-Deutsche Bundesbahn V200 class diesel-hydraulics attracted a great deal of interest.  This brief blog post will look at where and when you can travel behind them in 2017.

The two locos in operation this year are V200 033 – which is a “classic” V200 in that it retains its Maybach MD650 power units and Voith transmissions – and also V200 007 which is now Mercedes engined.

These are the tours in the haulage calendar currently advertised for their use during the rest of 2017, along with links to more information about each:-

Saturday 24/06/17

V200 033 (ex DB 220033), 06:30 Unna via Hagen, Bochum, Recklinghausen to Munster Hbf, for 78.468 (steam) forward to Emden and back, then V200 033 back to the pick-up points but in the same order as the morning, terminating at Munster, €84.  Operated by Eisenbahnfreunde Witten.  Link.

Saturday 19/08/17

V200 033 (ex-DB 220033), Nürnberg area to Chemnitz, details TBC.  Operated by Fränkische Museums-Eisenbahn.  Link.  Update 21/07/17: booking form has come out stating 216 224 to Plauen for 50 3648 forward, no mention of V200 any more.  No traincrew available for the V200.

Saturday 02/09/17

V200 007 (ex DB 220007), Lübeck to Westerland and return.  Operated by Historische Eisenbahnfahrzeuge Lübeck.  Link.

V200 033 (ex DB 220033), Recklinghausen Hbf to Cuxhaven and return, €79.  Operated by Eisenbahnfreunde Witten.  Link.

Saturday 09/09/17

V200 033 (ex DB 220033), Nürnberg via Bamberg, Gemünden, Aschaffenberg, Frankfurt Ost to Oberwesel and return.  In connection with the “Rhein in Flames” event.  Operated by Eisenbahn Nostalgiefahrten Bebra.  More details awaited.  Some here: Link.  Advised very reliably on 04/09/17 that this is cancelled, but the promoter’s page still carries booking information for it!

Saturday 23/09/17

V200 033 (ex DB 220033) and 01.202 (steam), Rosenheim via München and Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Innsbruck, then return via Rosenheim to München.  Operated by Eisenbahn Nostalgiefahrten Bebra. More details awaited.  Some here: Link.

Saturday 30/09/17

V200 033 (ex-DB 220033), 07:45 Stuttgart Hbf to Titisee and return, €85.  Operated by UEF.  Link.

Saturday 09/12/17

V200 033 (ex DB 220033), Hamm to Bremen and return, €55.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.  Link.

There is also to be a Christmas special with V200 007, although details of date or destination have not yet been made public.

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