DB Class V200 “Warships” – survivors and where to find them


V200 007 (220 007) at Dagebüll Mole, 05/08/12 (JW)

As the forerunners to our own D800 “Warship” class diesel-hydraulics, the famous Deutsche Bundesbahn V200 class have always commanded a great deal of interest among British enthusiasts. Most are aware of the esteemed V200 033, which frequently hauls railtours in Germany, but this article will be a concise round-up of where all of the V200 survivors are now to be found.

Of the 86 Maybach-engined V200.0s (class 220), 26 are thought to remain in existence – although most of these have since been re-engined.  In common with many retired German diesel-hydraulics, 10 of them are now working in Italy – all for the private freight operator Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna.

Here is a link to a list of forthcoming haulage opportunities, which is at present limited to Maybach-engined V200 033 and Mercedes-engined V200 007.

V200 001 Fränkische Museums-Eisenbahn e.V., Nürnberg Nordostbahnhof
V200 006 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as 220R01
V200 007 Historische Eisenbahnfahrzeuge Lübeck e.V.
V200 009 Eisenbahn & Technikmuseum Rügen, Binz
V200 011 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as D220.011
V200 013 Railconsult? – last reported stored at Nymburk, Czech Republic, overhaul abandoned
V200 015 Hammer Eisenbahnfreunde – masquerading as “220 023” in ozeanblau-beige livery
V200 016 GES Stuttgart, stored at Kornwestheim
V200 017 Eisenbahnmuseum Bochum
V200 018 Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin
V200 028 GCF, Italy – as D220.028ER
V200 029 GCF, Italy – as D220.029ER
V200 031 COMSA, Spain – location/fate unknown
V200 033 Hammer Eisenbahnfreunde
V200 039 COMSA-GMF, stored at Constantí, near Tarragona, Spain.  Link to Google Maps street view.
V200 041 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as D220.041ER
V200 045 GCF, Italy – as D220.045ER
V200 048 SNTF, Algeria – stored at Constantine Depot
V200 049 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as D220.049ER
V200 051 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as D220.051ER
V200 053 Deutsche Privatbahn, Altenbeken
V200 058 Technik Museum Speyer
V200 060 GCF, Italy – as D220.060ER
V200 071 Technik Museum Speyer
V200 074 Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna, Italy – as D220.074ER
V200 077 dumped derelict at premises of WLH Reuschling near Hattingen – future uncertain

A similar percentage of the 50 Mercedes-engined V200.1s (class 221) have fared better – with 16 still extant.  However, this is largely thanks to a fleet of 20 of them being exported to Greece in 1989/90 to plug a traction shortage with OSE.  Their withdrawal by OSE in the late 1990s coincided with interesting developments on the railways back in Germany and, to cut a long story short, the Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH ended up purchasing and repatriating the entire fleet, to strip them back to the frames and effectively use them as the basis of brand new machines.  Some were scrapped (as recently as 2012) but many continue to work on the main line today – admittedly with little original details inside, but ensuring that the classic shape of a V200 can still be seen on the main line over 60 years on.

V200 101 Eisenbahnmuseum Heilbronn
V200 105 Rail Transport Service GmbH
V200 106 Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam
V200 112 Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH – stored and robbed at Neustrelitz?
V200 116 DB Museum – partway through overhaul at Neustrelitz?
V200 117 EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft
V200 120 Eisenbahnmuseum Heilbronn
V200 121 Schienen Güter Logistik – as V270.09
V200 122 EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft
V200 124 Schienen Güter Logistik – as V270.10
V200 125 HSH, Albania – dumped in scrap line at Prrenjas
V200 134 Rail Transport Service GmbH
V200 135 Bahnlogistik24
V200 136 Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam
V200 145 Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH
V200 147 Bentheimer Eisenbahn


221145 at Kempten (Allgäu) Hbf, 02/11/14 (JW)


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