Kosovo’s locomotives, in photographs (Part 1 – ex-JŽ GM diesels)


This is a photographic record of the General Motors diesel locomotives of the former JŽ (Jugoslovenske Železnice; Yugoslavian Railways) locomotives in Kosovo, all taken 17-20/09/15.

Ex-JŽ Class 645

2620 005 (ex-645 033/HŽ 2044 031)


2620 016 (ex-645 018/HŽ 2044 010)

There is no photograph of 2620 016 as this locomotive had yet to be delivered at the time of my visit – although I’m sure I have a picture of it in Croatia that I hope to find soon!

Ex-JŽ Class 661

661 114


661 128


2640 006 (ex-661 132)


661 203


2640 007 (ex-661 228)


2640 008 (ex-661 231)


661 254


661 261


Ex-JŽ Class 664.0

664 062


…and there’s actually a twelfth…

There are a handful of other GM diesels in Kosovo – four Swedish-built NoHABs acquired from NSB (the Norwegian State Railways) and also a curious, unique device now numbered 2640 010.  This machine was built by TŽV Gredelj in Zagreb in 2010, as a heavy rebuild of withdrawn “Kennedy” 661 203 – although in practice only using the bogies and braking system from the 661.  As the “original” 661 203 still stands largely intact, buried in a clump of trees in the scrap line at Fushë Kosovë, for the purposes of this survey the “rebuild” will feature in a future blog post about the new-build locos that Kosovo has obtained!


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3 thoughts on “Kosovo’s locomotives, in photographs (Part 1 – ex-JŽ GM diesels)

  1. Evening Jon,
    You’re missing one ex JZ GM that’s in Kosovo. The 010, which was rebuilt by Gredelj Zagreb in 2010 supposedly using the bogies and traction motors from the 661.203 It was rebuilt with twin cabs and has from memory a 12-710 GM engine fitted. It was numbered 2061.501 whilst on test in HZ and was delivered to Kosovo by rail, but not the direct route via Serbia as it wasn’t allowed that way! I believe that it had to go via Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia.

    Also an update on the HZ 2044s, the 016 is apparently now withdrawn due overhaul, the 022 is due to be stopped in July and the 006 in September


    1. Hi Colin!
      Funny you should mention that, I was wondering how to categorise 010 (or “2640 010” as it’s now titled…) – I figured that as ‘203, and importantly the frame, is still sat in the middle of a clump of trees in the scrap line, I would treat it as new-build! You are quite right though, it should be included in this sort of round up… I’ll make a little tweak before too many people get a chance to read it 😉 That’s a monster trip, I had no idea, but I guess if the Albanian writing that’s currently on the side was there when it was delivered, sending it via Beograd might not have been too wise…

      2044 gen much appreciated too – will update the list! I need to get myself another trip to Croatia this summer – looks like I’ve missed 022 though 😦

      All the best


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