Near miss at Worowo involving EP07-1035

A potentially nasty event occurred at Worowo in Poland at approximately 13:30 today, 17th October 2017 – TLK81104, the “Rybak” from Szczecin to Bialystok, hauled by EP07-1035, passed a signal at danger and was brought to a stand only after an emergency radio broadcast from the traffic controller – just 100 metres from a head-on collision with the oncoming “Zulawy” which was crossing into the loop ahead of it.

The driver of EP07-1035, which had the SPAD, is currently held on charges that carry a potential custodial sentence of between 6 months and 8 years.  Understandably, the incident remains under investigation.

It must be said that the safety performance of the Polish railways is possibly a cause for concern.  The last six weeks alone have seen EP07-395 and EP08-006 severely damaged in collisions with other trains, and this could have been so much worse – luckily, there were no injuries.

There are some hair-raising photos in the article here.

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