American loco goes to Goes

One type of diesel loco extinct in the Netherlands is the NS class 2000 – 65-ton 600hp Whitcombs built for, and used by, the US Army Transportation Corps during World War 2 for their operations in Europe, of which NS acquired 20 after the end of the war. All were out of service and subsequently scrapped by the early 1960s.

However, the Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele have now finally succeeded in acquiring an example of the same type from industrial use in the States – works no.7989 of 1943, which has been in use up until fairly recently on the internal system of Lehigh Cement in Mason City, Iowa. It is to be loaded onto a ship tomorrow, 19th October 2017, and should arrive in Antwerpen in mid-November.  Link to photos here and below.

Congratulations to the SGB on achieving their goal, and I’m sure many of us are very keen to see it back in action!













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