Forthcoming German Maybach railtours

Since setting up this website I’ve become aware that there are many enthusiasts within the UK who are keen to experience the Maybach diesel-hydraulic power in Germany, but would appreciate a pointer as to how to find the requisite information.

Consequently, I’ve decided to put together this little guide covering the second half of 2018 which may be of some assistance.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are considering planning a trip and require assistance in planning an itinerary.

Here is not the place to give any kind of history of Deutsche Bundesbahn Maybach power (although I am working on one), but suffice to say that there are two locos currently in use on the German main line that will really excite British hydraulic enthusiasts – V160 002 and V200 033.  A fair variety of other traction (including DMUs) featured Maybach power units, but I am not aware of any with forthcoming workings in the calendar.  There are also diesel shunters with Maybach power units and Voith transmissions, but I am treating them as outside the scope of this article.

Below is a chronological listing of all known forthcoming tours of these two locos – I would recommend looking at the Haulage Calendar elsewhere on the site for more information and further links if one piques your interest.

V160 002


“Lollo” V160 002 pauses at Göttingen on a Treysa to Klein Mahner railtour, 15/05/16 (JW)

A relatively recent, but very welcome, returnee to the German main line is V160 002 (post-1971 number 216 002).  Built by Krupp in Essen in 1960, it’s one of the ten prototype V160s – nicknamed “Lollos” – commonly described as being “German Hymeks” due to their MD870 engines.  The comparison is not a direct one, however, as the “Lollos” had Voith as opposed to Mekydro transmissions – which does make an appreciable audible difference to the hydraulic connoisseur – but it is hellfire all the same!

Do note that some of the “Lollo”‘s forthcoming outings are as a package with 4-6-4T steam loco 78 468 (Henschel works no.20166 of 1923) – either top and tail with the 95-year-old veteran (either as insurance or to offer a helping hand up to linespeed) or handing over to it at some point during the journey.  The destination of the three December tours of Christmas markets may be a good one to drag the family along on!

Forthcoming Tours

At the time of writing, I am advised that V160 002 remains at Delmenhorst awaiting authorisation of engine repairs following a failure on 1st December 2018.  The below is reproduced in good faith, please bear in mind that it may not be repaired before some or all of these run.

9th February 2019 – V160 002 and V200 033 Köln to Wernigerode and return.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.

15th June 2019 – V160 00278 468, Buchholz to Westerland and return.  Not yet sure of the diesel/steam split.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.

31st August 2019 – V160 002 Buchholz to Westerland and return.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.

19th 26th October 2019 – V160 00278 468, Münster to Koblenz and return.  Not yet sure of the diesel/steam split.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.

Here is a write-up of a tour that I travelled on in May 2016 with this fine machine which may whet your appetite, including a 24-minute video of my footage taken during the day with plenty of MD870 thrash!

V200 033


V200 033 awaits departure from Stuttgart Hbf with a railtour to Donaueschingen, 09/06/18 (JW)

The “main attraction” for Maybach fans in Germany has long been V200 033 (220 033), built by Krauss-Maffei in 1956 – one of the class that were the forerunners of our D800 “Warships”, and featuring two MD650 power units, just like them.  Since the destruction of prototype series machine V200 002 in the tragic fire at Nürnberg-Gostenhof in 2005, it is now the last Maybach V200 left in operation.  It also still has an operational steam heat boiler.

Forthcoming Tours

9th February 2019 – V160 002 V200 122 and V200 033 Köln to Wernigerode and return.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.

23rd March 2019 – V200 033 Hamm to Braunschweig and Wolfsburg and return.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.

1st June 2019 – V200 033 Lippstadt to Emden and return.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.

22nd June 2019 – V200 033 Hamm to Koblenz and return in connection with the Sommerfest at the DB Museum.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.

27th July 2019 – V200 033 Hamm to Lengerich for 78 468 forward to Eystrup.  Return as outward.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.

30th November 2019 – V200 033 Hamm to Christmas markets at Goslar, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg and return.  Operated by Museumseisenbahn Hamm.

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