Off the beaten track: 301 009 in Getafe

The latest in my series of brief articles highlighting locos “off the beaten track” is again a shunter, but this time in Spain.

Above is a link to a Google Maps image of 301 009 in situ as of July 2017.

RENFE’s class 301 diesel shunters, dating from 1961-63, are all now withdrawn – although 19 of this once 46-strong class survive in some way, shape or form.

One of them – 301 009 – is especially unlikely to work again, being – as it is – plinthed on public display.  It is situated just outside the exit to Alonso de Mendoza, a station on line 12 of the Madrid Metro, in the Madrid “suburb” of Getafe.  Line 12 does not, in fact, run into or though Madrid itself, being a circular route in the south-west outskirts of the conurbation.

The explanation for the loco being there is that, prior to 1998, the north-south road through the area was in fact a railway.  At that point, the railway was closed, the Metro was built on the same alignment but underground (this opened in 2003) and the road was laid over the top.  The 301 has been in place since this project was carried out, as just a small historical reminder.

It’s less than half an hour’s travel from Madrid Atocha to see 301 009 – 17 minutes to Getafe Centro on line C-4, from where it is a 2 minute journey on line 12 to Alonso de Mendoza, which is the next stop along.

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