18th August 2019 – Diesel haulage event at Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs

Just a quick update that I have reached agreement that ex-SNCB diesel locos 9105 and 9109 will feature (powering) on the morning normal public service train at Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs on Sunday 18th August 2019, along with the steam loco.  The format will be:-

Steam loco – 11:45 Baasrode-Noord to Oppuurs
9105 & 9109 – 12:40 Oppuurs to Sint-Amands (distance of approx 4 km)
Steam loco – 13:10 Sint-Amands to Baasrode-Noord (arr 13:30)

This will be available at the standard fare of €12.  My friends at the railway have arranged for a suitable selection of Belgian beers and refreshments to be on sale, and I hope you avail yourselves of this!

The use of the steam loco in each direction is due to the understandable steam-orientated nature of the railway and their need to cater for their core clientele too.  We are lucky that they are able to accommodate us and our needs at all, and this is after a lot of discussion!

This should be considered as a last chance for 9105 as it is planned for it to leave the railway at the end of August.  9109 as far as I know is required by ‘everybody’.  There are other diesel locos on site which are currently too heavy to operate passenger trains on the railway, but this situation will hopefully be resolved soon and we will be welcome to return when this is the case – but of course 9105 at least will be long gone by then.

This has been arranged to coincide with the “Festival” at the Chemin de Fer du Bocq, also in Belgium, the idea being that enthusiasts can visit that on the Saturday and this on the Sunday morning before travelling home or onwards.

Getting there

Access to Baasrode-Noord is by public bus, route 245:-

10:40 dep Dendermonde station, perron 4 > 10:53 arr Baasrode-Noord (destination Brussel)
10:07 dep Brussel Noord station perron 1 / 11:05 dep Buggenhout station > 11:11 arr Baasrode-Noord (destination Dendermonde)

Return times:-

13:37 dep Baasrode-Noord > 13:49 arr Dendermonde station (destination Dendermonde)
14:53 dep Baasrode-Noord > 14:59 arr Buggenhout station (destination Brussel)

This obviously isn’t ideal, but there is also a 13:30 no.252 bus from Sint Amands station directly to Dendermonde station (arrive 13:52) that will be much more comfortable for you and still allow you to get the winners in.

What you need to do

As this is the normal public service train you do not need to book or pay for anything in advance – but PLEASE email me if you are planning to attend, as I need to supply the railway with expected numbers so they can tailor the train formation accordingly (and I will also tee up De Lijn, the bus operator, for how many people they can expect).

Many thanks for your support and interest.

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