Haulage Calendar – February 2019

Saturday 02/02/19

Germany: unspecified electric (has been class 110 previously), Stuttgart to Schweinfurt, for 01 150 (steam) and 50 3501 (steam) forward to Arnstadt.  Return as outward.  Operated by Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde.  LinkNEW

Germany: unspecified steam (TBC), Leipzig-Plagwitz to Holzhau and return.  Operated by Eisenbahnmuseum Leipzig.  LinkNEW

Saturday 09/02/19

Germany: 243 005 (ex-DB 143 005) and 58 311 (steam), from Treysa “through the Westerwald”.  Details TBC; in planning.  Operated by Eisenbahnfreunde Treysa.  NEW

Germany: V160 002 (ex-DB 216 002) and V200 033 (ex-DB 220 033), Köln to Wernigerode for a steam-hauled trip up the Brocken.  Details TBC; in planning.  Operated by Nostalgiezugreisen.  NEW

Sunday 10/02/19

Germany: 70 083 (steam) and possible Lokomotion class 212, 10:15/15:15 Tegernsee to Holzkirchen and 11:50/16:50 return.  Operated by Bayerischer LocalbahnvereinCancelled.  UPDATED

Saturday 23/02/19

Germany: unspecified traction – suspected class 110 and a diesel, Köln to Winterberg and return.  Operated by AKE Rheingold.  LinkNEW

Germany: class 228 (228 552 expected), Löbau to Ilmenau for 94 1538 (steam) forward to Rennsteig.  Return as outward.  Operated by OSEF.  Link.