Kosovo’s locomotives, in photographs (Part 3 – imported and new traction)


2640 010 in the divided town of Mitrovicë, 19/09/15 (JW)

In Part 1 and Part 2, we looked at the locomotives of the former Jugoslovenske Železnice (Yugoslavian Railways, JŽ) that are now to be found in Kosovo.  However, as I will explain in a future article, political developments in the Balkans in the 1990s directly led this small disputed territory to now possess what may well be the most diverse selection of locomotives to be found anywhere in Europe.

Locos now to be found in Kosovo hail from Norway, Sweden and France – and that’s not to mention the British and German diesels that have spent time there in recent decades, as part of the combined effort to rebuild post-war Kosovo, nor the German V60 shunters that were bought by JŽ before the break-up of the federation.  There are also a handful of locomotives that have been delivered to Kosovo from new.  Here is a photographic record of them, all taken 17-20/09/15.

Ex-NSB Class Di3

2640 001 (ex-Di3 619)


2640 002 (ex-Di3 633)


2640 003 (ex-Di3 641)


2640 004 (ex-Di3 643)


Ex-SJ Z65

DAL 3180C (ex-Z65 548)


Ex-SNCF BB63000





New build JT38CW-DC

2640 010


New build G1700BB

2710 009


New build MDD3

2760 001


2760 002



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